Ford Full-Size Cars 1968-1988 Repair Guide

TFI-IV Ignition Module



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To remove the TFI module from the distributor assembly, the distributor must first be removed from the engine. There is not enough room in the region of the distributor to remove the module without possibly breaking some of the module terminals.

If the TFI module is being replaced with a new one, it is recommended that only a genuine factory replacement part be used. It has been discovered that in some cases the electronic circuitry in the aftermarket modules, is not always compatible with the circuitry of the on board computer installed in the vehicle, thus causing driveability problems and no-start conditions.

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  3. Remove the distributor cap with the wires still in place and set it out of the way, so as not to interfere with the removal of the distributor.
  5. Unplug the primary wiring connector from the distributor.

Before removing the distributor cap, mark the position of the number one spark plug wire tower on the distributor base for reference during installation.

  1. Remove the rotor by pulling steadily upward. Remove the TFI harness connector.

Some applications may be equipped with a new security type hold-down bolt which will require the use of special tool T82L-12270-A or equivalent (12 point socket) in order to remove the special hold-down bolts.

  1. Remove the distributor hold-down bolts and or clamps. Remove the distributor by lifting it straight out of the engine being careful not to disturb the intermediate shaft.
  3. Place the distributor into a suitable vise. Remove the 2 module retaining screws.
  5. Pull the right hand side of the TFI module down the distributor mounting flange and back up to disengage the module terminals from the connectors at the distributor base. The module may now be pulled toward the flange and away from the distributor.

Do not attempt to remove module from the mounting surface prior to sliding the entire module toward the distributor flange. If the correct procedure is not followed, the pins will break at the distributor and module connector.

To install:
  1. Coat the metal base of the TFI module with a thin layer of silicone dielectric compound. Place the module on the base of the distributor.
  3. Carefully position the TFI module assembly toward the distributor bowl and engage the 3 distributor connector pins securely.
  5. Install the 2 TFI module retaining screws starting with the upper right hand screw and tighten them to 16-35 inch lbs. (2-4 Nm).
  7. Reinstall the distributor on the engine and tighten the hold-down bolts to 17-25 ft. lbs. (1.9-2.8 Nm). Reinstall the distributor cap and wires.
  9. Install the TFI wiring harness connector. Reset the initial timing and make all necessary adjustments.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Exploded view of a distributor with a TFI module