Ford Full-Size Cars 1968-1988 Repair Guide




Two people are needed to remove and install the doors.

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  3. Unfasten the necessary wiring connectors.
  5. With an assistant supporting the door, remove the hinge retaining bolts and remove the door.

If you are using a jack or similar tool to support the door, be careful not to damage the paint.

  1. If the door is to be replaced, transfer the following components to the new door if in usable condition: trim panel, watershield, outside mouldings, clips, window regulators and door latch components.

To install:
  1. With an assistant positioning the door, install and partially tighten the hinge bolts.
  3. Align the door and tighten the bolts to 19-25 ft. lbs. (25-35 Nm).
  5. Fasten the necessary wiring connectors and connect the negative battery cable.


Door Hinges

See Figure 1

The door hinges provide sufficient adjustment to correct most door misalignment conditions. The holes of the hinge and/or the hinge attaching points are enlarged or elongated to provide for hinge and door alignment.

Do not cover up a poor door alignment with a latch striker adjustment.

  1. Refer to the figure to determine which hinge bolts must be loosened to move the door in the desired direction.
  3. Loosen the hinge bolts just enough to permit movement of the door with a padded prytool.
  5. Move the door the estimated necessary distance, then tighten the hinge bolts to 19-25 ft. lbs. (25-35 Nm). Check the door fit to make sure there is no binding or interference with the adjacent panel.
  7. Repeat the operation until the desired fit is obtained. Check the striker plate alignment for proper door closing.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Door hinge adjustment-1968-88 vehicles

Door Latch Striker

See Figures 2 and 3

The latch striker should be shimmed to get the clearance between the striker and the latch. To check this clearance, clean the latch jaws and the striker area. Apply a thin layer of dark grease to the striker. As the door is opened and closed, a measurable pattern will result on the latch striker. Use a maximum of 2 shims on any vehicle, placed under the striker. Use Torx® drive bit set D79P-2100-T or equivalent, to loosen and tighten the latch striker to 25-32 ft. lbs. (35-45 Nm).

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Fig. Fig. 2: Door latch installation-1968-88 vehicles

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Fig. Fig. 3: Door latch striker adjustment-1968-88 vehicles