Ford Full-Size Cars 1968-1988 Repair Guide

Blade And Arm



See Figures 1, 2 and 3

To prevent glass and/or paint damage to the vehicle do not pry arm from pivot location with metal tool or equivalent. Read the complete service procedure and refer to the illustrations.

  1. Raise the blade end of the arm off the windshield and move the slide latch away from the pivot shaft. This will unlock the wiper arm from the shaft. Rotate the wiper arm back and forth until it slides off the pivot shaft.
  3. Some late model driver's side wiper arms have an extra arm attached to the wiper linkage assembly. This arm is smaller. To remove the additional arm, follow the previous step. this will expose the tab on which the additional arm is fitted. Slide the arm off the tab.
  5. Remove the wiper arm assembly from the vehicle.

To install:
  1. Line up the key on the wiper arm with the keyway slot in the pivot shaft. Push arm assembly onto the pivot shaft.
  3. On those driver's side wipers with an extra arm attached, slide the smaller arm on to the tab, then attach the larger arm.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Loosen the tab on the side of the wiper arm

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Fig. Fig. 2: With the wiper arm removed, check the splines or keyway on the arm and linkage

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Fig. Fig. 3: To remove some late model driver's side wiper arms, the main arm must first be removed, then the smaller arm can be lifted off

  1. Hold the main arm head onto the pivot shaft while raising the blade end of the wiper arm and push the slide latch into the lock under the pivot shaft. Then, lower the blade assembly to the windshield.

If the wiper blade does not touch the windshield, the slide latch is not completely in place. For procedures on replacement of wiper blades and elements refer to the necessary illustration.