Ford Full-Size Vans 1989-1996 Repair Guide

Bleeding The ABS System


The 4-wheel anti-lock brake system can be bled in the conventional manner unless the Hydraulic Control Unit (HCU) has been replaced. Only perform this procedure if the HCU has been replaced.

Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air. Don't leave the master cylinder or the fluid container uncovered any longer than necessary. Be careful handling the fluid-it will damage the vehicle's paint.

  1. Pressure bleed the brake system as follows:

Remove the master cylinder cap and ensure the reservoir is filled. Install a pressure bleeder adapter such as Rotunda brake bleeder 104-00064 or equivalent to the master cylinder reservoir and attach a bleeder tank to the adopter. Refer to the manufactories safety and operating instructions when operating the equipment. Place a 3 / 8 inch box wrench on the right-hand bleeder screw and attach a bleeder tube around the screw. Open the valve on the bleeder tank to release the pressurized brake fluid into the master cylinder reservoir. Submerge the free end of the bleeder tube into a clear container with fresh brake fluid and loosen the bleeder screw. When all air bubbles have disappeared, close the bleeder screw and remove the tube. Repeat this procedure, going in order from the left-hand rear wheel cylinder, right-hand front caliper and left-hand front caliper. When the bleeding is complete, remove the bleeding equipment. Fill the master cylinder and replace the cap.

  1. Disengage the ECU harness connector.
  3. Engage Anti-Lock Brake Adapter T90P-50-ALA (bleeder box) to the ECU harness connector.
  5. Engage the 55-way connector to Anti-Lock Adapter T93T-50-ALA (jumper cable) and EEC-IV breakout box T83L-50EEC-IV.
  7. Slide the bleeder box switch to the bleed position.
  9. Turn the key ON . The OFF indicator light should be illuminated.
  11. Depress the MOTOR START button. The ON indicator light should illuminate.
  13. Let the pump run for 20 seconds, then push and hold the VALVES button for 20 seconds and release the VALVES button. The pump will continue to run 20 seconds after the VALVES button is released and the OFF indicator lamp will illuminate when the operation is complete.
  15. Turn the key OFF and disconnect the bleeder box and adapter.
  17. Connect the ECU harness.
  19. Pressure bleed the brake system.

See Figure 1

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