Ford Full-Size Vans 1989-1996 Repair Guide

Trouble Codes


A scan tool, such as Rotunda NGS Tester 007-00500 or its equivalent, is required to retrieve the codes. Refer to the manufacturers instructions for operating the tool and retrieving the codes.

Code C1220: Amber ABS warning lamp failure
Codes C1225 or C1226: Shorted red brake system warning lamp failure, Foundation brake system
Codes C1198 or C1200: Front left isolation dump valve
Codes C1194 or C1196: Front left dump valve
Codes C1214 or C1216: Front right isolation dump valve
Codes C1210 or C1212: Front right dump valve
Codes C1206 or C1208: Rear axle isolation valve
Codes C1202 or 1204: Rear axle dump valve
Code C1155: Left front brake anti-lock sensor open circuit
Code C1258: Left front brake anti-lock sensor output fault
Code C1145: Right front brake anti-lock sensor diagnosis (electrical/static)
Codes C1148, C1234 or C1259: Right front brake anti-lock sensor diagnosis (Dynamic)
Code C1230: Vehicle speed sensor diagnosis (electrical/static)
Codes C1229, C1237 or C1260: Rear axle speed sensor diagnosis
Code C1238: Shuttled reset switch concern diagnosis
Codes C1095 or C1096: Pump motor circuit failure diagnosis
Codes C1113, C1115 or C1185: Pump motor circuit/relay failure diagnosis
Codes C1184 or C1222: Generic sensor indicator diagnosis (dynamic)