Ford Full-Size Vans 1989-1996 Repair Guide

Trouble Codes


Count the number of times the yellow ABS system light illuminates to determine the Diagnostic Trouble Code. The codes listed are for both systems unless specified in the text.

Code 2: Light flashes 2 times; open isolation valve circuit
Code 3: Light flashes 3 times; open dump valve circuit
Code 4: Light flashes 4 times and red brake warning switch illuminated; RABS valve switch closed or open dump valve
Code 5: Light flashes 5 times; System dumps too many times
Code 6: Light flashes 6 times; Sensor signal rapidly cuts in and out
Code 7: Light flashes 7 times; No isolate valve self-test
Code 8: Light flashes 8 times; No dump valve self-test
Code 9: Light flashes 9 times; High sensor resistance
Code 10: Light flashes 10 times; Low sensor resistance
Code 11: Light flashes 11 times; Defective stoplamp switch circuit
Code 12: Light flashes 12 times; Base brake hydraulic loose or worn/damaged master cylinder switch/wiring
Code 13 RABS system: Light flashes 13 times; Speed processor check
Code 13 RABS II system: Light flashes 13 times; Module failure
Code 14 RABS system: Light flashes 14 times; Program check
Code 15 RABS system: Light flashes 15 times; Memory failure
Code 16: Light flashes 16 times; System Pass