Ford Mid-Size Cars 1971-1985 Repair Guide

Chassis Greasing


See Figure 1

Lubrication of steering and suspension parts requires the use of a pressure-type grease gun, in order to force the lubricant through the grease fitting. A premium long life chassis grease should be used.

There are grease fittings located on the inner and outer tie rod ends, pitman arm and lower ball joints on all vehicles. In addition, some vehicles are equipped with grease fittings on the upper ball joints. These should be lubricated as indicated in the Maintenance Interval chart at the end of this section.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Vehicle lubrication points

Wipe away any dirt or accumulated grease from the fitting. Attach the grease gun to the fitting and pump lubricant into the joint. Be careful not to pump in so much lubricant that the joint boot splits.

Use a brush to apply grease to the steering stop pads, (if equipped) located on the lower control arms.

In addition to the steering and suspension components, the cable guides, levers and linkage of the parking brake should be lubricated periodically, using multi-purpose spray grease.