Ford Mustang 1989-1993 Repair Guide

Fog Lights



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Fig. Fig. 1: Fog light bulb replacement procedure

The fog light assembly uses a halogen bulb and socket assembly. In the event of a bulb failure, perform the following procedures.

  1. Lift up on the lens assembly retaining tab retaining the lens assembly to the light housing. Use caution to avoid dropping the lens.
  3. Remove the lens assembly from the light housing and turn it to gain access to the rear of light body.
  5. Unplug the bulb wire lead from the pigtail connector.
  7. Release the bulb socket retainer from the locking tab.
  9. Remove the bulb and socket assembly from light body and pull the bulb directly out of the socket.

DO NOT touch the new bulb with bare hands. The stains will cause contamination of the quartz which may result in early failure of the light. Do not remove the protective plastic sleeve until the light is inserted into the socket. Ensure the circuit is not energized. If the quartz was inadvertently handled, it should be cleaned with a clean cloth moistened with alcohol before installation.

To Install:
  1. Insert the new bulb into the lens assembly and secure it with the retainer. Connect the wire lead to the pigtail connector.
  3. Position the lens assembly right side up (as indicated on the lens) into the light housing.

There is a vertical tab on bottom of housing.

  1. Secure the lens assembly to the light housing with the retaining tab. Test the light for proper operation.