Ford Mustang 1989-1993 Repair Guide



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Fig. Fig. 1: An engine calibration label is usually found on the driver's door or pillar

The engine identification tag identifies the cubic inch displacement of the engine, the model year, the year and month in which the engine was built, where it was built and the change level number. The change level is usually the number one (1), unless there are parts on the engine that will not be completely interchangeable and will require minor modification.

The engine identification code is located in the VIN at the eighth digit. The VIN can be found in the safety certification decal and the VIN plate at the upper left side of the dash panel. Refer to the Engine Identification chart for engine VIN codes.

All Ford Mustangs should have an engine calibration number label. The calibration number should be used when ordering replacement parts or when checking calibrations. Because engine parts will often differ even within a given Cubic Inch Displacement (CID) family, verifying the calibration number will ensure that the proper parts are obtained. Consult your local dealer's parts department to determine any pertinent information regarding dates, optional equipment or revisions concerning the code for your engine.