Ford Mustang 1994-1998 Repair Guide

Fusible Links


The fusible link is a short length of special, Hypalon (high temperature) insulated wire, integral with the engine compartment wiring harness, and should not be confused with standard wire. It is several wire gauges smaller than the circuit which it protects. Under no circumstances should a fusible link replacement repair be made using a length of standard wire cut from bulk stock or from another wiring harness.

The 1994-95 models utilize fusible links to protect three circuits: the heated back window circuit, the load circuit, and the engine compartment lamp circuit. The heated back window fusible link is located in the engine compartment, whereas the other two are located in their respective circuits.

In 1996-98 models, there are generally two fusible links between the power distribution box and the alternator/voltage regulator. They are both 16 gauge and are designed to burn through in the event that a short to ground occurs in the wiring harness, or if a booster battery is incorrectly connected to your vehicle.

Do not mistake a resistor wire for a fusible link. The resistor wire is generally longer and has print stating, "Resistor: don't cut or splice."