Ford Mustang 1994-1998 Repair Guide

Duckbill Clip Fitting



See Figure 1

  1. A special tool is available from Ford and other manufacturers for removing the retaining clips. Use Ford Tool T82L-9500-AH or equivalent. If the tool is not on hand, go on to step 2. Align the slot on the push-type connector removal tool with either tab on the retaining clip. Pull the line from the connector.
  3. If the special clip tool is not available, use a pair of narrow 6-inch slip-jaw pliers with a jaw width of 0.2 in. (5mm) or less. Align the jaws of the pliers with the openings of the fitting case and compress the part of the retaining clip that engages the case. Compressing the retaining clip will release the fitting, which may be pulled from the connector. Both sides of the clip must be compressed at the same time to disengage.

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Fig. Fig. 1: To disengage the duckbill clip fitting, the two tabs must be depressed until the one tube can be pulled free of the other

  1. Inspect the retaining clip, fitting end and connector. Replace the clip if any damage is apparent.
  3. Push the line into the steel connector until a click is heard, indicating the clip is in place. Pull on the line to check engagement.