Ford Mustang 1999-2005

Drive Axle Identification


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Fig. The axle ratio code (arrow) can be found on the vehicle certification label

The transmission identification code is either located on a metal tag or plate attached to the transmission housing, or is stamped directly into the housing. The transmission code can also be found on the vehicle certification label, which should be affixed to the driver-s side door or door post pillar. The transmission identification codes displayed on the vehicle certification label are as follows:

The axle ratios are:

68-2.73 conventional
78-2.73 conventional
AM-2.73 locker
BM-2.73 locker
EZ-3.08 locker
HZ-3.08 locker
LE-3.27 locker
ME-3.27 locker
ME-4.6L, Mach One, 3.55 ratio
SE-3.27 locker
TE-3.55 locker (with independent rear suspension)-Cobra
VM-2.73 locker
X5-3.8L, non-ABS, 3.27 ratio
Z5-3.8L, ABS, 3.27 ratio