Ford Mustang/Capri 1979-1988 Repair Guide

Fuel Supply Manifold Assembly


The fuel supply manifold assembly is the component that delivers high pressure fuel from the vehicle's fuel supply line to the fuel injectors. The assembly consists of a single preformed tube or stamping with four (or eight) injector connectors, a mounting flange for the fuel pressure regulator, a pressure relief valve for diagnostic testing or field service fuel system pressure bleed down and mounting attachments which locate the fuel manifold assembly and provide fuel injector retention. On 1987-88 4-140 engines, the fuel supply manifold assembly is also equipped with a fuel pressure pulse damper, at the fuel supply fitting. This damper is designed to reduce pressure pulsation in the fuel lines, which may cause a ticking or hydraulic hammering noise.


See Figure 1

  1. Remove the fuel tank cap. Release the pressure from the fuel system.
  3. Disconnect the fuel supply and return lines.
  5. Disconnect the wiring harness from the injectors.
  7. Disconnect the vacuum line from the fuel pressure regulator valve.
  9. Remove the two fuel injector manifold retaining bolts.
  11. Carefully disengage the manifold from the fuel injectors. Remove the manifold.
  13. Installation is the reverse of removal. Torque the fuel manifold bolts 15-22 ft. lbs.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Fuel supply and lower intake manifold assemblies-4-140 engine