Ford Mustang/Capri 1979-1988 Repair Guide

Ignition Module



DuraSpark Systems

Removing the module, on DuraSpark systems, is a matter of simply removing the fasteners that attach it to the fender or firewall and pulling apart the connectors. When unplugging the connectors, pull them apart with a firm, straight pull. NEVER PRY THEM APART! Prying them will cause damage. When reconnecting them, coat the mating ends with silicone dielectric grease to waterproof the connection. Press the connectors together firmly to overcome any vacuum lock caused by the grease.

If the locking tabs weaken or break, don't replace the unit. Just secure the connection with electrical tape or tie straps.

Thick Film Integrated (TFI) Systems
  1. Remove the distributor cap and position it aside.
  3. Unplug the TFI harness connector.
  5. Remove the two module attaching screws.

The head of the attaching screws may differ depending on year and engine application. Some screws may be removed using a small socket while others require a Torx® bit. A tamper-resistant screw may also be used on some models. The special bit required to remove the tamper-resistant screw can usually be purchased through your local Ford dealer's parts department.

  1. Carefully slide the module assembly downwards until the pins completely disengage from the distributor, then carefully pull the module from the mounting surface.

To install:
  1. Coat the metal base plate of the TFI ignition module uniformly with silicone dielectric grease approximately 1 / 32 in. (0.79mm) thick.

  1. Place the TFI module on the mounting surface, then carefully push the module upwards until the pins are completely engaged.
  3. Install the mounting screws, then tighten to 20-30 inch lbs. (2.3-3.4 Nm).
  5. Engage the TFI harness connector, then install the distributor cap.