Ford Mustang/Capri 1979-1988 Repair Guide

Front End Alignment


The caster and camber are set at the factory and cannot be changed. Only the toe is adjustable.


Toe is the difference in width (distance) between the front and rear inside edges of the front tires.

  1. Turn the steering wheel, from left to right, several times and center.

If the car is equipped with power steering, start the engine before centering the steering wheel.

  1. Secure the centered steering wheel with a steering wheel holder, or any device that will keep it centered.
  3. Release the tie rod end bellows clamps so the bellows will not twist while adjustment is made. Loosen the jam nuts on the tie rod ends. Adjust the left and right connector sleeves until each wheel has one-half of the desired toe setting.
  5. After the adjustment has been made, tighten the jam nuts and secure the bellows clamps. Release the steering wheel lock and check for steering wheel center. Readjust, if necessary, until the steering wheel is centered and the toe is within specs.