Ford Mustang/Capri 1979-1988 Repair Guide



Push-starting is not recommended for vehicles equipped with a catalytic converter. Raw gas collecting in the converter may cause damage. Jump starting is recommended.

To push-start your manual transmission equipped vehicle (automatic transmission models cannot be push started), make sure of bumper alignment. If the bumper of the pushing vehicle does not mesh with your car's bumper, it would be wise to tie an old tire either on the back of your car, or on the front of the pushing vehicle. Switch the ignition to ON and depress the clutch pedal. Shift the transmission to third gear and hold the accelerator pedal about halfway down. Signal the pushing vehicle to proceed, and when the car speed reaches about 10 mph, gradually release the clutch pedal. The car engine should start; if not have the car towed.

If the transmission and rear axle are in proper working order, the car can be towed with the rear wheels on the ground for distances under 15 miles at speeds no greater than 30 mph. If the transmission or rear is known to be damaged, or if the car has to be towed over 15 miles or over 30 mph, the car must be dollied or towed with the rear wheels raised and the steering wheel secured so that the front wheels remain in the straight-ahead position. The steering wheel must be clamped with a special clamping device designed for towing service; do not rely on the vehicle's steering column lock, as damage to the lock and steering column may occur.