Ford Mustang/Cougar 1964-1973 Repair Guide

General Information


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Fig. Fig. 1: Exploded view of the front suspension on most models

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Fig. Fig. 2: Front suspension components

The Mustang/Cougar have always featured the same basic suspension configuration: the spring-on-upper-arm front suspension and the semi-elliptic leaf spring suspension in the rear. The front shock absorbers have in all cases been placed within the coil springs.

In recent years, certain large-engined, high-performance models have been equipped with a staggered rear shock absorber configuration, designed for better traction and directional stability during full-throttle starts. In this arrangement, the left shock absorber is relocated to the rear of the axle, while the right shock absorber retains its standard placement in front of the axle. This arrangement gives effective control of spring wind-up, wheel hop, and pitching motion.

The front coil springs are mounted on top of the upper control arm to a tower in the sheet metal of the body. This type of mounting provides good stability. The lower arm and stabilizing strut substitute for the conventional A frame and serve to guide the lower part of the spindle through its cycle of up-and-down movement. The rod type stabilizing strut is mounted between two rubber buffer pads at the front end to cushion fore and aft thrust of the suspension. The effective length of this rod is variable and must be considered in maintenance. Ball joints are of the usual steel construction.