Ford Mustang/Cougar 1964-1973 Repair Guide

Blower Motor



To service the heater and its components on cars equipped with factory air conditioning, it is first necessary to disconnect the refrigerant lines and purge the system.

Please refer to General Information And Maintenance before discharging the compressor or disconnecting air conditioning lines. Damage to the air conditioning system or personal injury could result. Consult your local laws concerning refrigerant discharge and recycling. In many areas it may be illegal for anyone but a certified technician to service the A/C system. Always use an approved recovery station when discharging the air conditioning.

The blower motor on all models is located inside the heater assembly. To replace the blower motor, remove the heater assembly from the car following the steps. Once the heater assembly is removed, it is a simple operation to remove the motor attaching bolts and remove the motor. On all pre-1966 cars, the blower cage must be removed from the motor before the motor can be removed. On all post-1966 models, the motor and cage are removed as an assembly.