Ford Mustang/Cougar 1964-1973 Repair Guide



Five different transmissions have been offered, depending on year. These include:

Ford-designed, light-duty, top cover, 2.77 three-speed with non-synchromesh low gear, used in 1964-66 six-cylinder cars.
Ford-designed, heavy-duty, top cover, fully synchronized 3.03 three-speed used with six-cylinder engines from 1967 to the present, and in all V8 applications.

The designations 2.77 and 3.03 refer to the distance in inches between the centerlines of the countershaft and the input shaft.

Dagenham-designed, light-duty, side cover, fully-synchronized four-speed, used on six-cylinder cars from 1964-66.
Borg-Warner T-10, heavy-duty, side cover, all-synchromesh four-speed, offered as an option in early high-performance 289 V8s.
Ford-designed, heavy-duty, top cover, fully-synchronized four-speed transmission, used as the standard four-speed with V8s.