Ford Mustang/Cougar 1964-1973 Repair Guide

Front Suspension Ball Joint



See Figures 1, 2 and 3

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Fig. Fig. 1: Chassis lubrication points

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Fig. Fig. 2: Engine lubrication points-6 cylinder engines

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Fig. Fig. 3: Engine lubrication points-8 cylinder engine

At the recommended intervals in the maintenance schedule, the front suspension upper and lower ball joints must be lubricated. The plugs are located on the top of the upper ball joint and on the underside of the lower ball joint. Prior to removing the plugs for lubrication, wipe all accumulated dirt or other foreign material from around the lubrication plugs. If the vehicle has been sitting out in a temperature below 20°F for any length of time, park it in a heated garage for 30 minutes or until the joints will accept the lubricant.

Remove the plugs and install grease fittings. Using a hand-operated, low-pressure grease gun loaded with suitable ball joint lubricant, force the lubricant into the joint until the joint boot can be seen or felt to swell. At this point, the boot is full. Any further lubrication will destroy the weather-tight seal. Remove the grease fittings and install the plugs.