Ford Mustang/Cougar 1964-1973 Repair Guide



The manual steering gear is of the worm and recirculating ball type. The sector shaft is straddle-mounted in the cover above the gear and a housing-mounted roller bearing is below the gear. The steering linkage consists of a pitman arm, a steering (pitman) arm-to-idler arm rod, an idler arm, and tie rods.

Power steering is available as an option. On 1965-1970 models, the power steering system is not integral, meaning that the pump provides assist to the steering linkage and hydraulically assisted worm and recirculating ball steering gear. In 1971-73, an integral type power steering unit is used. On this type of steering, hydraulic assist is directly applied to the steering gear, eliminating all hoses and hardware previously mounted under the chassis. The integral power steering unit used is the Saginaw type. This Rotary Valve Safety power steering gear operates by displacing fluid in order to provide hydraulic fluid pressure assists only when turning. The entire gear assembly is always filled with fluid. Consequently, all internal components of the gear assembly are immersed in fluid, making periodic lubrication of the steering gear unnecessary. Furthermore, the fluid acts as a cushion to absorb road shocks that may be transmitted through the steering assembly to the driver. With the exception of the pressure and return hoses, all fluid passages are contained internally within the unit.