Ford Mustang/Cougar 1964-1973 Repair Guide

Non-integral Linkage Type Power Steering


The Ford non-integral linkage type power steering system is a hydraulically controlled system composed of an integral pump and fluid reservoir, a control valve, a power cylinder, connecting fluid lines, and the steering linkage. The hydraulic pump, which is driven by a belt turned by the engine, draws fluid from the reservoir and provides fluid pressure through hoses to the control valve and the power cylinder. There is a pressure relief valve to limit the pressures within the steering system to a safe level. After the fluid has passed from the pump to the control valve and the power cylinder, it returns to the reservoir.


Control Valve Centering Spring
  1. Raise the car and remove the spring cap attaching screws and the spring cap.

Be very careful not to position the hoist adaptors of two-post hoists under the suspension and/or steering components. Place the hoist adaptors under the front suspension lower arms.

  1. Tighten the adjusting nut snugly (about 90-100 inch lbs.); then loosen the nut 1 / 4 turn (90°). Do not tighten the adjusting nut too tightly.
  3. Place the spring cap on the valve housing. Lubricate and install the attaching screws and washers. Tighten the screws to 72-100 inch lbs.
  5. Lower the car and start the engine. Check the steering effort using a spring scale attached to the steering wheel rim for a tightness of no more than 12 lbs.