Ford Pick-Ups/Bronco 1976-1986 Repair Guide

Rocker Arm Shaft



8-360 and 8-390

See Figure 1

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Fig. Fig. 1: 8-360/8-390 rocker shaft assembly

  1. Remove air cleaner, disconnect spark plug leads and remove leads from the bracket on the valve cover.
  3. Remove crankcase ventilation hose from the rocker cover, then remove rocker cover. On the left rocker cover the wiring harness must be removed.
  5. On the right side, start at the number 4 cylinder (rearmost) and loosen support bolts in sequence, two turns at a time. Remove the shaft assembly and the baffle plate after all bolts have been loosened. The same procedure is followed on the left bank, except that the bolt loosening sequence starts with the number 5 cylinder (foremost).

The above bolt loosening procedure must be followed to avoid damage to the rocker arm shaft.

To install:
  1. Apply Lubriplate® to the pad end of the rocker arms, to the tip of the valve stems and to both ends of the pushrods.
  3. Rotate the engine to 45 degrees past the number 1 cylinder (TDC).
  5. With the pushrods in place, position rocker arm shaft assembly and baffle plate on the cylinder head so that the oil holes are on the bottom and the identification notch is down and toward the front on the right bank and toward the rear on the left bank. Tighten support bolts finger tight.
  7. On the right bank, start at the number 4 cylinder and tighten the support bolts two turns at a time in sequence (4-3-2-1) until the supports are fully in contact with the cylinder head. Then tighten the bolts to 40-45 ft. lbs. torque. The same procedure is followed on the left bank starting at the number 5 cylinder. This procedure allows time for the hydraulic lifter leakdown and thus prevents damage to the pushrods, valves, and rocker arms.
  9. Check valve clearances and adjust if necessary.
  11. Install rocker cover, using new gaskets and sealer.
  13. Install remaining components.