Ford Pick-Ups/Bronco 1976-1986 Repair Guide

Rocker Studs



Gasoline Engines

See Figures 1, 2 and 3

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Fig. Fig. 1: Removing the rocker stud

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Fig. Fig. 2: Reaming the rocker stud holes

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Fig. Fig. 3: Installing the new stud

Rocker arm studs which are broken or have damaged threads may be replaced with standard studs. Studs which are loose in the cylinder head must be replaced with oversize studs which are available for service. The amount of oversize and diameter of the studs are as follows:

0.006 inch; (0.152mm) oversize: 0.3774-0.3781 inch; (9.586-9.604mm)
0.010 inch; (0.254mm) oversize: 0.3814-0.3821 inch; (9.688-9.705mm)
0.015 inch; (0.381mm) oversize: 0.3864-0.3871 inch; (9.815-9.832mm)

A tool kit for replacing the rocker studs is available and contains a stud remover and two oversize reamers: one for 0.006 inch; (0.152mm) and one for 0.015 inch; (0.381mm) oversize studs. For 0.010 inch; (0.254mm) oversize studs, use reamer tool T66P-6A527-B. To press the replacement studs into the cylinder head, use the stud replacer tool T69P-6049-D. Use the smaller reamer tool first when boring the hole for oversize studs.

  1. Remove the valve rocker cover(s) by moving all hoses aside and unbolting the cover(s). Position the sleeve of the rocker arm stud remover over the stud with the bearing end down. When working on a 302 V8, cut the threaded part of the stud off with a hacksaw. Thread the puller into the sleeve and over the stud until it is fully bottomed. Hold the sleeve with a wrench and rotate the puller clockwise to remove the stud.

An alternate method of removing the rocker studs without the special tool is to put spacers over the stud until just enough threads are left showing at the top so a nut can be screwed onto the top of the rocker arm stud and get a full bite. Turn the nut clockwise until the stud is removed, adding spacers under the nut as necessary.

If the rocker stud was broken off flush with the stud boss, use an easy-out tool to remove the broken off part of the stud from the cylinder head.

  1. If a loose rocker arm stud is being replaced, ream the stud bore for the selected oversize stud.

Keep all metal particles away from the valves.

  1. Coat the end of the stud with Lubriplate®. Align the stud and installer with the stud bore and top the sliding driver until it bottoms. When the installer contacts the stud boss, the stud is installed to its correct height.