Ford Pick-Ups/Expedition/Navigator 1997-2000

Front Wheel Bearings



1997-98 F-Super Duty
  1. Raise and support the front end on jackstands.
  3. Remove the wheel cover. Remove the wheel.
  5. Remove the caliper from the disc and wire it to the underbody to prevent damage to the brake hose.
  7. Remove the grease cap from the hub. Then, remove the cotter pin, nut lock, adjusting nut and flat washer from the spindle. Remove the outer bearing assembly from the hub.
  9. Pull the hub and disc assembly off the wheel spindle.
  11. Remove and discard the old grease retainer. Remove the inner bearing cone and roller assembly from the hub.
  13. Clean all grease from the inner and outer bearing cups with solvent. Inspect the cups for pits, scratches, or excessive wear. If the cups are damaged, remove them with a drift.
  15. Clean the inner and outer cone and roller assemblies with solvent and shake them dry. If the cone and roller assemblies show excessive wear or damage, replace them with the bearing cups as a unit.
  17. Clean the spindle and the inside of the hub with solvent to thoroughly remove all old grease.
  19. Covering the spindle with a clean cloth, brush all loose dirt and dust from the brake assembly. Remove the cloth carefully so as to not get dirt on the spindle.
  21. If the inner and/or outer bearing cups were removed, install the replacement cups on the hub. Be sure that the cups seat properly in the hub.
  23. It is imperative that all old grease be removed from the bearings and surrounding surfaces before repacking. The new lithium-based grease is not compatible with the sodium base grease used in the past.
  25. Install the hub and disc on the wheel spindle. To prevent damage to the grease retainer and spindle threads, keep the hub centered on the spindle.
  27. Install the outer bearing cone and roller assembly and the flat washer on the spindle. Install the adjusting nut.
  29. Adjust the wheel bearings by torquing the adjusting nut to 17-25 ft. lbs. (23-34 Nm) with the wheel rotating to seat the bearing. Then back off the adjusting nut 1 / 2 turn. Retighten the adjusting nut to 10-15 inch lbs. (1-1.7 Nm). Install the lock-nut so that the castellations are aligned with the cotter pin hole. Install the cotter pin. Bend the ends of the cotter pin around the castellations of the lock-nut to prevent interference with the radio static collector in the grease cap. Install the grease cap.

New bolts must be used when servicing floating caliper units. The upper bolt must be tightened first.

  1. Install the wheels.
  3. Install the wheel cover.