Ford Pick-Ups/Expedition/Navigator 1997-2000



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Fig. Fig. 1 The engine identification label is typically located on the valve cover

There are several ways to determine engine type supplied with the vehicle. The Vehicle Emission Control Information (VECI) decal mounted under the hood is perhaps the simplest way to identify the vehicle's engine. Another way is to refer to the 10th digit of the VIN along with the necessary chart to determine the meaning of that digit (engine code). In addition to those labels, there is also a specific engine identification label (or tag) attached to the engine.

The engine identification tag identifies the cubic inch displacement of the engine, the model year, the year and month in which the engine was built, where it was built and the change level number. The change level is usually the number one (1), unless there are parts on the engine that will not be completely interchangeable and will require minor modification.

The engine identification tag is typically located on one of the valve covers, usually the driver's side except on the 7.3L diesel engine. The diesel engine I.D. number is stamped on the front of the block, in front of the left cylinder head.