Ford Pick-ups and Broncos 1987-1996 Repair Guide

Timing Chain Cover and Seal



5.0L, 5.8L and 7.5L Engines
  1. Refer to the Water Pump removal procedure and perform all steps except removal of the pump. Leave it attached to the front cover.
  3. Remove the crankshaft pulley and vibration damper using a suitable pulley.
  5. Remove the oil pan-to-cylinder block front cover attaching bolts. Use a thin bladed knife to cut the oil pan gasket flush with the face of the block prior to separating the cover from the block. Remove the cylinder front cover and water pump as an assembly.

To install:
  1. Coat the gasket surface of the oil pan with sealer, then cut and position a new gasket on the oil pan and apply sealer at the corners. Coat the gasket surfaces of the block and cover with Ford Perfect Seal Sealing Compound, or equivalent. Position a new gasket on the block.
  3. Position the front cover on the block. Be careful not to damage the seal or dislocate the gasket.
  5. Install the cylinder front cover-to-seal alignment using Front Cover Aligner tool No. T61P-6019-B, or equivalent.
  7. You may have to force the cover downward to slightly compress the pan gasket. This can be done by using a suitable tool at the front cover attaching hole locations.
  9. Coat the threads of the attaching crews with Ford Perfect Seal Sealing Compound, or equivalent, and install the screws. While pushing on the alignment tool, tighten the oil pan-to-front cover attaching screws to 12-18 ft. lbs. (16-24 Nm). Tighten the cover-to-cylinder block attaching screws to 12-18 ft. lbs. (16-24 Nm). Remove the alignment tool.
  11. Apply a suitable multi-purpose grease to the oil seal rubbing surface of the vibration damper inner hub to prevent damage to the seal and to the front of the crankshaft for damper installation.
  13. Line up the vibration damper keyway with the key on the crankshaft. Install the vibration damper on the crankshaft using Damper Removal/Replacer tool No. T79T-6316-A, or equivalent. Install the capscrew and washer and tighten to 70-90 ft. lbs. (95-122 Nm). Install the crankshaft pulley.
  15. Complete the remaining installation steps as found under Water Pump.
  17. Fill and bleed the cooling system.
  19. Operate the engine at fast idle then shut off the engine. Check the coolant level and for oil leaks. Check and adjust the ignition timing according to the specification on the engine decal.
  21. Install the air cleaner and intake duct assembly, including the crankcase ventilation hose.