Ford Pick-ups and Broncos 1987-1996 Repair Guide

Heater and Air Conditioning Ducts and Outlets



Most outlets are held on by screws, some of which are hidden by other panels i.e. steering column trim panel, glove box door, or other accessory trim panels. If you have removed all visible screws and the outlet will not come out, start removing adjacent panels and look for hidden screws. Inspect the outlet carefully for retaining screws; if none are found, the outlet can most likely be pried out of its opening. Either way, be sure to remove the outlet carefully as it probably has easily-broken tabs on it.

In order to remove any of the system's main duct work, the instrument panel must first be removed. Then remove the retaining screw(s) and remove the duct(s). Be sure to properly seal the duct when it is reinstalled.

Instrument panel removal procedures can be found in this section. Heater plenum removal procedures can be found in Chassis Electrical .