Ford Probe 1989-1992 Repair Guide



Once or twice a year, check the muffler(s) and pipes for signs of corrosion and damage. Check the hangers for wear, cracks or hardening. Check the heat shields for corrosion or damage. Replace components as necessary.

All vehicles are equipped with a catalytic converter, which is attached to the front exhaust pipe. The exhaust system is bolted together. Replacement parts are usually the same as the original system, with the exception of some mufflers. Splash shield removal will be required, in some cases, for removal and installation clearance.

Use only the proper size sockets or wrenches when unbolting system components. Do not tighten completely until all components are attached, aligned, and suspended. Check the system for leaks after the installation is completed.

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Fig. Fig.1Exhaust system-2.2L engine with automatic transaxle

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Fig. Fig. 2 Exhaust system-3.0L engine