Ford Probe 1989-1992 Repair Guide




  1. Apply the parking brake and block the opposite wheel.
  3. If equipped with automatic transaxle, place the selector lever in P . If equipped with manual transaxle, place the transaxle in reverse.
  5. If equipped, remove the wheel cover.
  7. Break loose the lug nuts.

The aluminum wheels are available with anti-theft wheel lug nuts. The key for these lug nuts should be attached to the lug wrench, stowed with the spare tire. To remove or install the anti-theft wheel lug nut, insert the key into the slot of the lug nut, place the lug nut wrench on the key, and while applying pressure on the key, remove or install the lug nut. Make sure the key is held square to the nut; if it is on an angle, the key or lug nut may become damaged. DO NOT use a power impact wrench on the lug nut key

  1. Raise the vehicle until the tire is clear of the ground.
  3. Remove the lug nuts and the tire and wheel assembly.

To install:

  1. Make sure the wheel and brake drum or hub mating surfaces, and the wheel lug studs, are clean and free of all foreign material.
  3. Position the wheel on the hub or drum and hand-tighten the lug nuts. Tighten all the lug nuts, in a criss-cross pattern, until they are snug.
  5. Lower the vehicle. Tighten the lug nuts, in a criss-cross pattern, to 65-87 ft. lbs. (88-118 Nm). Always use a torque wrench to final tighten the lug nuts, to prevent warping the disc brake rotors or brake drums, and to prevent stretching the wheel studs.

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Fig. Fig.1Always use a torque wrench to final tighten the lug nuts


Check the wheels for any damage. They must be replaced if they are bent, dented, heavily rusted, have elongated bolt holes, or have excessive lateral or radial runout. Wheels with excessive runout may cause a high-speed vehicle vibration.

Replacement wheels must be of the same load capacity, diameter, width, offset and mounting configuration as the original wheels. Using the wrong wheels may affect wheel bearing life, ground and tire clearance, or speedometer and odometer calibrations.