Ford Ranger 2000-2005

Transmission Identification


The transmission code may be found in two places on the vehicle. One is on the Safety Standard Certification label attached to the left driver's side door lock post. The code appears as a letter in the "Trans'' column of the label.

The other location is on the transmission body itself. On manual transmissions, the identification number is located on a plate attached to the main transmission case. On the plate you find Ford's assigned part number, the serial number and a bar code used for inventory purposes. On automatic transmissions, the identification number is stamped on plate that hangs from the lower left extension housing bolt. The plate identifies when the transmission was built, it's code letter and model number.

The transmission identification tag is located on the rear of the case. The tag contains the part number, the assembly number, the model number, and the serial number, which includes the build date. The transmission codes are as follows:

T - Four-speed automatic (A4LD/4R44E)
D - Five-speed automatic (A5LD/5R55E)
M - Five-speed manual (M5R1)
J - Five-speed manual
H - Single speed (electric)