Ford Ranger/Bronco II 1983-1990 Repair Guide

Coil Springs



See Figure 1

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Fig. Fig. 1: Exploded view of the 4WD coil spring and related parts

  1. Raise the vehicle and install jackstands under the frame. Position a jack beneath the spring under the axle. Raise the jack and compress the spring.
  3. Remove the nut retaining the shock absorber to the radius arm. Slide the shock out from the stud.
  5. Remove the nut that retains the spring to the axle and radius arm. Remove the retainer.
  7. Slowly lower the axle until all spring tension is released and adequate clearance exists to remove the spring from its mounting.
  9. Remove the spring by rotating the upper coil out of the tabs in the upper spring seat. Remove the spacer and the seat.

The axle must be supported on the jack throughout spring removal and installation, and must not be permitted to hang by the brake hose. If the length of the brake hose is not sufficient to provide adequate clearance for removal and installation of the spring, the disc brake caliper must be removed from the spindle. After removal, the caliper must be placed on the frame or otherwise supported to prevent suspending the caliper from the brake line hose. These precautions are absolutely necessary to prevent serious damage to the tube portion of the caliper hose assembly!

  1. If required, remove the stud from the axle assembly.

To install:
  1. If removed, install the stud on the axle and torque to 190-230 ft. lbs. Install the lower seat and spacer over the stud.
  3. Place the spring in position and slowly raise the front axle. Ensure springs are positioned correctly in the upper spring seats.
  5. Position the spring lower retainer over the stud and lower seat and torque the attaching nut to 70-100 ft. lbs.
  7. Position the shock absorber to the lower stud and install the attaching nut. Tighten the nut to 41-63 ft. lbs. Lower the vehicle.