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    Ford Ranger/Bronco II 1983-1990 Repair Guide

    Quick Connect Fuel Line Fittings



    See Figures 1, 2, 3 and 4

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    Fig. Fig. 1: Exploded views of the hairpin and duck bill clip type quick-connect fuel line fittings

    Click image to see an enlarged view

    Fig. Fig. 2: Garter spring type fuel line removal and installation procedures

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    Fig. Fig. 3: View of installing the garter spring type quick-connect safety clip

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    Fig. Fig. 4: When installing a quick-connect fitting, always firmly tug on the fitting to ensure a positive lock and, if equipped, engage the safety lock

    Quick Connect (push) type fuel line fittings must be disconnected using proper procedures or the fitting may be damaged. Two types of retainers are used on the push connect fittings. Line sizes of3/8in. and5/16in. use a "hairpin'' clip retainer.1/4in. line connectors use a "duck bill'' clip retainer. In addition, some engines use spring lock connections secured by a garter spring which requires a special tool (T81P-1962-G) for removal.

    Hairpin Clip
    1. Clean all dirt and/or grease from the fitting. Spread the two clip legs about 1 / 8 in. (3mm) each to disengage from the fitting and pull the clip outward from the fitting. Use finger pressure only, do not use any tools.
    3. Grasp the fitting and hose assembly and pull away from the steel line. Twist the fitting and hose assembly slightly while pulling, if necessary, when a sticking condition exists.
    5. Inspect the hairpin clip for damage, replace the clip if necessary. Reinstall the clip in position on the fitting.
    7. Inspect the fitting and inside of the connector to insure freedom of dirt or obstruction. Install fitting into the connector and push together. A click will be heard when the hairpin snaps into proper connection. Pull on the line to insure full engagement.

    Duck Bill Clip
    1. A special tool is available from Ford for removing the retaining clips (Ford Tool No. T82L-9500-AH). If the tool is not on hand see Step 2. Align the slot on the push connector disconnect tool with either tab on the retaining clip. Pull the line from the connector.
    3. If the special clip tool is not available, use a pair of narrow 6 in. (152mm) channel lock pliers with a jaw width of 0.2 in. (5mm) or less. Align the jaws of the pliers with the openings of the fitting case and compress the part of the retaining clip that engages the case. Compressing the retaining clip will release the fitting which may be pulled from the connector. Both sides of the clip must be compressed at the same time to disengage.
    5. Inspect the retaining clip, fitting end and connector. Replace the clip if any damage is apparent.
    7. Push the line into the steel connector until a click is heard, indicting the clip is in place. Pull on the line to check engagement.

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