Ford Ranger/Bronco II 1983-1990 Repair Guide

Quick-Connect Pressure Line



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Fig. Fig. 1: Cutaway view of the quick-disconnect coupling used on the power steering system

1983-89 Models

Some pumps will have a quick-connect fitting for the pressure line. This fitting may, under certain circumstances, leak and/or be improperly engaged resulting in unplanned disconnection.

The leak is usually caused by a cut O-ring, imperfections in the outlet fitting inside diameter, or an improperly machined O-ring groove.

Improper engagement can be caused by an improperly machined tube end, tube nut, snapring, outlet fitting or gear port.

If a leak occurs, the O-ring should be replaced with new O-rings. Special O-rings are made for quick-disconnect fittings. Standard O-rings should never be used in their place. If the new O-rings do not solve the leak problem, replace the outlet fitting. If that doesn't work, replace the pressure line.

Improper engagement due to a missing or bent snapring, or improperly machined tube nut, may be corrected with a Ford snapring kit made for the purpose. If that doesn't work, replace the pressure hose.

When tightening a quick-connect tube nut, always use a tube nut wrench; never use an open-end wrench! Use of an open-end wrench will result in deformation of the nut! Tighten quick-connect tube nuts to 15 ft. lbs. maximum.

Swivel and/or endplay of quick-connect fittings is normal.

1990-90 Models

If a leak occurs between the tubing and the tube nut, replace the hose assembly. If a leak occurs between the tube nut and the pump outlet outlet replace the plastic washer.

  1. Check the fitting to determine whether the leak is between the tube and tube nut or between the tube nut and pump outlet.
  3. If the leak is between the tube nut and pump outlet check to be sure the nut is tightened to 30-40 ft. lbs. Do not overtighten this nut.
  5. If the leak continues or if the leak is between the tube and tube nut, remove the line.
  7. Unscrew the tube nut and inspect the plastic seal washer. Replace the plastic seal washer when the line is removed.
  9. To aid in the assembly of the new plastic seal washer, a tapered shaft may be required to stretch the washer so that it may be slipped over the tube nut threads.
  11. If the rubber O-ring is damaged it cannot be serviced and the hose assembly will have to be replaced.
  13. Connect the tube nut and torque to 30-40 ft. lbs.

The quick connect fitting may disengage if not fully assembled, if the snapring is missing or if the tube nut or hose end is not machined properly. If the fitting disengages replace the hose assembly. The fitting is fully engaged when the hose will not pull out. To test for positive engagement the system should be properly filled, the engine started and the steering wheel turned from stop to stop.