Ford Taurus/Sable 1996-1999 Repair Guide

Air Bag Module(s)


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Fig. Fig. 1: Passenger side air bag module assembly

The air bag module(s) are located in the steering wheel and the passenger side of the instrument panel. The modules are molded to fit into their designated areas, the driver's side is located in the center of the steering wheel. The passenger side module is molded to fit into the instrument panel and is located above the glove box, it is generally unnoticeable until deflated.

The module contain four parts: an inflator, a bag, a container, and the cover. The purpose of the inflator is to generate the gas needed to fill the air bag, it consists of a high strength steel casing containing a propellant that is activated by an igniter. The igniter is fired by the electrical signal received when the safing sensor closes. When the igniter is fired, the propellant discharge is ignited and fills the bag. As the bag fills, invisible split seams in the cover tear open allowing the bag to inflate and cushion the forward motion of the occupant and protect against serious injury.