Ford Tempo/Topaz 1984-1994 Repair Guide

Camshaft Bearings



2.3L and 3.0L Engine

See Figure 1

The camshaft bearings are available prefinished to size and require no reaming for standard 0.015 in. (0.38mm) undersize journal diameters.

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  3. Remove the engine from the vehicle. Place the engine on a work stand and remove the camshaft, crankshaft and rear bearing bore plug.
  5. Remove the camshaft bearing, using tool T65L6250A or equivalent.
  7. Select the proper size expanding collet and backup nut and assemble on the expanding mandrel. With the expanding collet collapsed, install the collet assembly in the camshaft bearing. Tighten the backup nut on the expanding mandrel until the collet fits the camshaft bearing.
  9. Assembly the puller screw and extension, if necessary, and install on the expanding mandrel. Wrap a cloth around the threads of the puller screw to protect the bearing or journal. Tighten the puller nut against the thrust bearing and pulling plate to remove the camshaft bearing. Hold the end of the puller screw to prevent it from turning
  11. Repeat Step 5 for each bearing. To remove the front bearing, install the puller from the rear of the block.

To install:
  1. Position the new bearings at the bearing bores and press them in place with the cam bearing tool. Be sure to center the pulling plate and puller screw to avoid damage to the bearing.

Failure to use the correct expanding collet can cause severe bearing damage. Be sure to align the oil holes in the bearings and install below the front face of the cylinder block. Check the oil passage for obstructions by squirting oil into the opening in the cylinder der block and observing flow through the oil hole at the rear camshaft bearing.

  1. Install a new bearing bore plug.
  3. Install the camshaft, flywheel and related parts.
  5. Install the engine.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Camshaft bearing tool-2.3L and 3.0L engines