Ford Tempo/Topaz 1984-1994 Repair Guide

Transfer Case



The fluid requirements of the transfer case are the same as those of the transaxle, namely ATF or Dexron®, Type H,or Mecron®, depending on the year. Consult your owner's manual for exact type.

In adding, or changing transaxle fluid, take into account that the specification for transaxle fluid would also include the transfer case, in the event a transfer case was an installed option.


Because there is no actual plug for checking transfer case fluid level, and also because both the transaxle and transfer case share the same fluid, transfer fluid level, can be checked by checking the level of the transaxle. An increase or decrease in transfer case fluid level will have a direct effect on transaxle fluid level.


Changing the lubricant in the transfer case is not practical under normal conditions. Should it become necessary to drain the lubricant from the transfer case, proceed as follows:

  1. Raise the vehicle and safely support it on jackstands or a lift, if available. If raising the front of the car, make sure the rear wheels are blocked properly.
  3. Loosen the 2 rear engine mount bolts, far enough to gain access to the transfer case cup plug. DO NOT REMOVE BOLTS.
  5. Place a suitable drain pan underneath the transfer case assembly.
  7. Using a screwdriver, carefully pry up on the cup plug. Using a twisting motion, remove the cup plug. Clean the cup plug with a clean rag. If not too distorted, the plug can be reused. If distorted purchase a ne plug.
  9. After all the lubricant has been drained from the transfer case assembly, reinstall the cup plug.
  11. Tighten the 2 rear engine mount bolts.
  13. Lower the vehicle and refill the transaxle with the appropriate transaxle fluid. Start the car, allowing it to warm to a normal temperature. Check the fluid level, as well as for any possible leaks. Add fluid if necessary.