Ford Thunderbird 2002-2005

Removal & Installation


  1. Remove the instrument panel.
  3. Disconnect the electrical connector.
  5. Remove the screws.
  7. Remove the panel door actuator.

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    Fig. Blend door electrical connector (1), mounting screws (2) and actuator (3)


To install:

  1. Installation is the reverse of the removal procedure.
  3. Perform the DATC module self-test to calibrate the panel door actuator and verify correct operation.

Front Panel Datc Module Self-Test (On-Demand Diagnostic Trouble Codes)

On-demand DTCs are those that are reported by an ECU when a failure is detected while executing a diagnostic test. For the DATC module this means that all faults (hard) that occur while the module is conducting a self-test shall be reported as an on-demand DTC.

The DATC module self-test will not detect concerns associated with data link messages such as engine coolant temperature or vehicle speed signals. The scan tool must be used to retrieve these concerns.

The vehicle interior temperature should be between 32-90°F(0-32°C) when carrying out the self-test. If the temperatures are not within the specified ranges, false temperature sensor DTCs may be displayed.

The DATC module self-test through the front panel display:

Can be initiated at any time. Normal operation of the system stops when the self-test is activated.
Is entered by pressing the OFF and FLOOR buttons simultaneously and then pressing the AUTO button within two seconds. Record all DTCs displayed.
Concludes by reporting all on-demand DTCs. Follow the diagnostics procedure given under ACTION in the DTC index for each DTC given.
Reports individual on-demand DTCs as four-digit DTCs (less the alpha character).
Will calibrate all the mode doors and check all analog inputs. The DATC module will only report on-demand (hard) faults that occurred while the DATC module was conducting its self-test.
Will light all control panel display segments if no faults are detected.
Will report individual on-demand DTCs without the °C symbol lit.

To exit the self-test, press any button. This will clear all on-demand codes from the DATC module memory. If no button is pushed DTCs will continue to be displayed.

Upon exit from the self-test the DATC module returns to operational status. The DATC module executes a hard (cold boot) reset which places the DATC system in the OFF mode.

If a condition exists but no DTCs appear during the self-test, refer to the Symptom Chart Condition: The DATC System Is Inoperative, Intermittent or Incorrect Operation.

Always exit the self-test before powering the system down (system turned OFF).