Ford Thunderbird/Cougar 1983-1997 Repair Guide

Fusible Links and Circuit Breakers



See Figures 1 and 2

A fuse link is a short length of insulated wire, integral with the engine compartment wiring harness. It is several wire gauges smaller than the circuit it protects and is located inline directly from the positive terminal of the battery.

When heavy current flows or when a short to ground occurs in the wiring harness, the fuse link burns out and protects the alternator or wiring. Production fuse links are color coded:

12 gauge: Gray
14 gauge: Dark Green
16 gauge: Black
18 gauge: Brown
20 gauge: Dark Blue

Replacement fuse link color coding may vary from production fuse link color coding.

Circuit breakers are used on certain electrical components requiring high amperage, such as the headlamp circuit, electrical seats and/or windows to name a few. The advantage of the circuit breaker is its ability to open and close the electrical circuit as the lead demands, rather than the necessity of a part replacement, should the circuit be opened with another protective device in line.

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Fig. Fig. 1: There is another fuse box located near the battery. This may contain your flashers and circuit breakers

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Fig. Fig. 2: Fusible link repair procedures