Ford Thunderbird/Cougar 1983-1997 Repair Guide

Belt-Driven Cooling Fan



See Figure 1

  1. Remove the fan shroud retaining screws. If equipped with a 5.0L engine, unsnap the attached air deflector assembly from the subframe cross brace.
  3. Remove the fan belt. Remove the bolt and washer assemblies retaining the fan drive clutch to the water pump hub.
  5. Remove the fan drive clutch and fan as an assembly at the same time removing the fan shroud and deflector assembly. Unfasten the retaining bolts and washer assemblies, then separate the fan from the drive clutch.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Exploded view of the belt drive fan assembly-1992 vehicle shown

To install:
  1. Position the fan on the drive clutch. Install the bolt and washer assemblies, then tighten to 12-17 ft. lbs. (16-24 Nm).
  3. Position the fan drive clutch, fan assembly and fan shroud, then bolt the fan and clutch assembly to the water pump hub. Install and tighten the clutch retaining bolt and water pump assemblies evenly and alternately to 15-22 ft. lbs. (20-30 Nm) for the 3.8L engine or to 36-47 ft. lbs. (48-65 Nm) for the 5.0L engine.
  5. Install the fan belt. Align the fan shroud and adjust for equal fan-to-shroud radiator clearance but maintaining a minimum of 0.38 inch clearance to the fan tip on 5.0L engines.
  7. Install and tighten the shroud retaining screws. On 5.0L engines, snap the air deflector assembly to the sub-frame cross brace.