Ford Vans 1961-1988 Repair Guides

Fuel Supply Pump



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Fig. Fig. 1 View of the diesel fuel supply pump

  1. Loosen the threaded connections with the proper size wrench (a flare nut wrench is preferred) and retighten snugly. Do not remove the lines at this time.
  3. Loosen the mounting bolts, one to two turns. Apply force with your hand to loosen the fuel pump if the gasket is stuck. Rotate the engine by nudging the starter, until the fuel pump cam lobe is at the low position. At this position, spring tension against the fuel pump bolts will be greatly reduced.
  5. Disconnect the fuel supply pump inlet, outlet and fuel return line.

Use care to prevent combustion of the spilled fuel.

  1. Remove the fuel pump attaching bolts and remove the pump and gasket. Discard the old gasket.
  3. Remove the remaining fuel pump gasket material from the engine and from the fuel pump if you are reinstalling the old pump. Make sure both mounting surfaces are clean.

To install:

  1. Install the attaching bolts into the fuel supply pump and install a new gasket on the bolts. Position the fuel pump onto the mounting pad. Turn the attaching bolts alternately and evenly and tighten the bolts to the specifications according to the size bolts used on the pump. See the accompanying standard torque chart for reference.

The cam must be at its low position before attempting to install the fuel supply pump. If it is difficult to start the mounting bolts, remove the pump and reinstall with a lever on the bottom side of the cam.

  1. Install the fuel outlet line. Start the fitting by hand to avoid crossthreading.
  3. Install the inlet line and the fuel return line.
  5. Start the engine and observe all connections for fuel leaks for two minutes.
  7. Stop the engine and check all fuel supply pump fuel line connections. Check for oil leaks at the pump mounting pad.