Ford Vans 1961-1988 Repair Guides



The Econoline series was introduced in 1961. Ford thus became the first American manufacturer to offer a van series as we now know it.

The Econoline series originally included a pick-up version, a closed van, a window van with or without seats and a Club Wagon series with two trim levels. The Club Wagons were originally given the Falcon designation.

Initial engine availability was limited to the 6-144 (2.4L) and 6-170 (2.8L); essentially the same engine except for differences in displacement.

One point of confusion to clarify here is whether or not there was a 1968 Econoline. All Ford vans during the years 1961-67 had essentially identical styling. All were mid-engined, with the engine located between, and slightly behind, the front seats.

The first new-look Econoline was introduced in the 1969 model year, with 1967 vans sold in the interim. Some may have been sold as 1968 models, but they were, in fact, 1967 models.

In this guide we will not refer to a 1968 model.

In 1975 the styling was once again changed, putting the engine far forward and making the van considerably larger, both inside and out. This design continues today.