Ford Windstar 1995-1998 Repair Guide

Brake Light Switch



See Figure 1

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Fig. Fig. 1: Brake light (stop light) switch assembly

The locking tab of the switch must be lifted before the connector can be removed.

  1. Disconnect the wire harness from the stop light switch.
  3. Remove the hairpin clip, then slide the stop light switch, pushrod, nylon washer and brake master cylinder pushrod bushing away from the brake pedal.
  5. Since the switch side plate nearest the brake pedal is slotted, it is not necessary to remove the vacuum booster input rod and brake master cylinder pushrod bushing from the brake pedal pin.
  7. Remove the brake master cylinder pushrod spacer and then the stop light switch by sliding the switch up or down.

To install:
  1. Position the stop light switch so the U-shaped side is nearest the break pedal and directly over/under the pin. Then slide the switch up/down trapping the vacuum booster input rod and brake master cylinder pushrod bushing between the switch side plates.
  3. Push the stop light switch and pushrod assembly firmly toward the brake pedal arm.

Do not substitute other types of pin clips. Use only factory supplied hairpin clips.

  1. Assemble the outside white plastic washer to the pin and install the hairpin clip to hold the entire assembly.

The stop light switch wire harness must have sufficient length to travel with stop light switch during full stroke of brake pedal. If the wire length is too short, reroute or repair the harness as required.

  1. Connect the wire harness to the stop light switch.
  3. Check the stop light switch for proper operation. The brake lights should illuminate with less than 6 lbs. (27 N) of force applied to the brake pedal pad.