Forenza 2007

Diagnosis & Testing


Specific to:

Suzuki Forenza 2007-2008

Suzuki Reno 2007-2008

Take care to avoid Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM) circuit overloading. In testing for opens or shorts, do not ground or apply voltage to any circuit unless instructed to do so by the diagnostic procedure. Test circuits only with a high-impedance multimeter. Never remove or apply power to any control module with the ignition switch in the ON position. Always turn the ignition to the OFF position before removing or connecting battery cables, fuses, or connectors.

Disconnect the EBCM connector before performing any vehicle welding work using an electric arc welder.

Do not attempt to disassemble any component designated as non serviceable. The hydraulic modulator and the EBCM can be separated from each other and replaced separately but cannot be serviced. They have no replaceable parts, and there is no access to the components they contain.