Forenza 2007

Bleeding The System


Specific to:

Suzuki Forenza 2007-2008

Suzuki Reno 2007-2008

If the power steering hydraulic system has been serviced, an accurate fluid level reading cannot be obtained until the air is bled from the system. Follow these steps to bleed the air from the system.

  1. Turn the wheels all the way to the left and add the power steering fluid to the MIN mark on the fluid level indicator.
  3. Start the engine. With the engine running at fast idle, recheck the fluid level. If necessary, add fluid to bring the level up to the MIN mark.
  5. Bleed the system by turning the wheels from side to side without reaching the stop at either end. Keep the fluid level at the MIN mark. The air must be eliminated from the fluid before normal steering action can be obtained.
  7. Return the wheels to the center position. Continue running the engine for 2 to 3 minutes.
  9. Road test the car to be sure the steering functions normally and is free from noise.
  11. Recheck the fluid level as described in steps 1 and 2. Make sure the fluid level is at the MAX mark after the system has stabilized at its normal operating temperature. Add fluid as needed.