Freestar 2007, Monterey 2006-2007

Crankshaft Position Sensor



The CKP sensor is a magnetic transducer mounted on the engine block adjacent to a pulse wheel located on the crankshaft. By monitoring the crankshaft mounted pulse wheel, the CKP is the primary sensor for ignition information to the PCM. The pulse wheel has a total of 35 teeth spaced 10 degrees apart with one empty space for a missing tooth. By monitoring the pulse wheel, the CKP sensor signal indicates crankshaft position and speed information to the PCM. By monitoring the missing tooth, the CKP sensor is also able to identify piston travel in order to synchronize the ignition system and provide a way of tracking the angular position of the crankshaft relative to a fixed reference for the CKP sensor configuration. The PCM also uses the CKP signal to determine if a misfire has occurred by measuring rapid decelerations between teeth.

Removal & Installation

  1. With the vehicle in NEUTRAL, position it on a hoist.
  3. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  5. Disconnect the CKP sensor electrical connector.
  7. Remove the 2 CKP sensor bolts.
  9. Remove the CKP sensor.
  11. To install, reverse the removal procedure. Tighten the sensor bolts to 62 inch lbs. (7 Nm).