GM Astro/Safari 1985-1996 Repair Guide



DO NOT push or tow your Astro or Safari Van to start it. Unusually high catalytic converter and exhaust system temperatures may result, which under extreme conditions may ignite the interior floor covering material above the converter.

Astro and Safari Vans may be towed at speeds up to 35 mph and distances not over 50 miles with the driveshaft in place, if no engine/driveline damage is present. If engine/driveline damage is known or suspected, the driveshaft should be disconnected before towing.

If your vehicle is equipped with fog lamps, it SHOULD NOT be towed from the front using sling-type equipment. Also, All Wheel Drive (AWD) vehicles MUST be towed with all 4 wheels OFF the ground on a flatbed, dolly or trailer.

During towing the ignition should be OFF and the steering wheel should be clamped in the straight-ahead position using a device designed for this purpose. DO NOT use the steering column lock to hold the wheels in position. The transmission should be in Neutral and the parking brake should be released. The vehicle must be COMPLETELY secured using multiple steel chains or cables, DO NOT use ropes, canvas webbing or leather straps.

To be sure no damage will occur to your vehicle, consult any GM dealer or professional tow truck service for towing instructions.

To avoid damage to the fiberglass springs when raising the vehicle, DO NOT allow the lifting equipment to come into contact with the springs.