GM Blazer/Jimmy/Typhoon/Bravada 1983-1993 Repair Guide

Inside Rear View Mirror



See Figure 1

  1. Determine the location of the rear view mirror and, using a wax pencil, draw a centerline on the outside of the glass from the roof panel to the windshield base.
  3. Draw a line intersecting the centerline approximately 23 1 / 8 in. (587mm) from the base of the glass. The base of the support will be located at the intersection of these lines.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Locating the mirror support

  1. Clean the inside glass within 3 in. (76mm) of the intersecting lines. Using a glass cleaning solution, rub the area until completely dry. Reclean with a towel saturated with alcohol.
  3. Sand the bonding surface of the rear view mirror support with 320 grit sandpaper. Remove all traces of the factory adhesive if reusing the old support. Wipe the mirror support with alcohol and allow to dry.
  5. Apply Loctite® Minute Bond Adhesive 312, or equivalent to the mirror support bonding surfaces.
  7. Place the bottom of the support at the premarked line. The rounded edge of the support should face upward.
  9. Press the support against the glass for 30-60 seconds with a steady pressure. Allow the adhesive to dry 5 minutes before cleaning.
  11. Clean all traces of adhesive and wax from the windshield with alcohol.