GM Bonneville/Eighty Eight/LeSabre 1986-1999




The gauges are an integral part of the instrument cluster assembly. If one of the gauges is faulty, the entire cluster must be replaced.

The speedometer removal procedure is the same as the instrument cluster procedure. If your car has an electronic display the speedometer can't be serviced separately. Before servicing or replacing an instrument cluster or display you should make certain the problem is with the display and not an input sensor. If the odometers work properly and speedometer doesn't, the speedometer is probably defective. If the odometers don't function and the speedometer does then the odometer is most likely bad. But, if both the speedometer and odometers don't work the problem is probably the speed sensor. The problem could also be and circuits between the display and battery, ignition, engine control computer or grounds. Since these devices are extremely expensive it is advisable to have them diagnosed by a professional repair shop before replacement.