GM Bonneville/Eighty Eight/LeSabre 1986-1999

Maintenance Lights


Some of the vehicles covered by this manual utilize various maintenance lights in order to let the driver know when it is time to perform certain basic maintenance items. After the service is performed, the light must usually be reset. Please refer to the following information for the proper resetting procedures.


Pontiac Bonneville
1989-90 VEHICLES

The SERVICE REMINDER portion of the Driver Information Center (DIC) display shows how many miles remain until service is needed. When the RESET button is pressed twice, the type of service and the number of miles remaining until that service is needed, will be displayed. Each time the RESET is pressed, another type of service and the miles remaining for it will be displayed.

With the ignition switch in the RUN , BULB TEST , or START positions, voltage is applied from the ECM fuse through the pink/black wire to the Electronic Control Module (ECM).

As the vehicle is driven, the speed sensor sends electrical pulses to the ECM. The ECM sends a signal to the speed signal input of the DIC module. The DIC module converters the pulses into miles. The module subtracts the miles traveled from the distance remaining for each item of the service reminder.

When the miles remaining for a service approaches zero, that service will be displayed on the DIC display. All 4 types of services can be shown at the same time.

To reset the service light, it will be necessary to subtract the mileage from the service interval light that is illuminated. The miles remaining for a certain type of service can be decreased by holding the RESET button, the miles will be decreased in steps of 500 miles, every 5 seconds. In the first step, the miles will decrease to a multiple of 500. For example, 2,880 miles will decrease to 2,500 miles. If the RESET button is held in and the miles remaining reach zero, the DIC display will shown the service interval for the service selected. The service intervals are as follows:

  1. Change Oil - 7,500 miles
  3. Oil Filter Change - 7,500 miles
  5. Next Filter Change - 15,000 miles
  7. Rotate Tires - 7,500 miles
  9. Next Tire Rotation - 15,000 miles
  11. Tune Up - 30,000 miles

If the RESET button is still held down, the miles will decrease in steps of 500 miles from the service interval. When the RESET button is released, the mile display shown will be the new distance until the service should be performed.

When a service distance reaches zero, the service reminder item will be displayed. If the service interval is reset within 10 miles, the display will go out immediately. If more than 10 miles passes before the service interval is reset, the item will remain displayed for another 10 miles after being reset before going out.

On some models, it may be necessary to depress the SYSTEM RECALL button in order to display the service interval light on the driver information center, in order to be able to decrease the mileage from it to reset the interval light.

1991-93 VEHICLES

See Figure 1

The Driver Information Center (DIC) lights up for a few seconds when the ignition is turned ON . To see the entire DIC, press and release the DIC button to the right of the display. The system is divided into 4 main systems: Function Monitor, Lamp Check, Security and Service Reminder. These systems monitor the following:

    1. Checks windshield washer fluid. Message comes ON when fluid is less than 40 percent full.
    3. Checks the engine coolant level. Message comes ON when coolant level has fallen to about half full.
    5. Checks the fuel level. Message comes ON when approximately 2 1 / 2 gallons of fuel remain.

    1. Checks headlights, turn signal, brake lights and tail lights.
    3. Message comes ON if a problem exists at 1 of the lights. The problem area is indicate on the vehicle outline shown on the DIC. Note that if a burned out bulb is replaced, then warning light will stay on until the bulb is energized or turned on.

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      Fig. Fig. 1: Typical Driver Information Center (DIC) display


    1. Checks if the doors are fully closed. The problem area is indicated on the vehicle outline shown on the DIC.
    3. Checks if hood or trunk isn't fully closed.

    1. Lets vehicle operator know when to have the following service work done: Change engine oil, change oil filter, rotate tire and have engine tune-up.
    3. The figures at the bottom of the DIC show the number of miles remaining before the work should be done.


To use the service reminder, you must first decide which service items to check. For example, if you want to knock when to next rotate the tires, push and hold the DIC button until the SERVICE REMINDER light comes ON. Then, push and release the DIC button until ROTATE TIRES appears. The number at the bottom then shows how many miles there are to go before the tires should be rotates.

To reset the service reminder, push the DIC until the service item desired appears and do not release the button. In 5-10 seconds the display will start to count down, 500 miles at a time. When the display reads the distance you wish to set, release the button. Note that sometimes a service reminder display will stay ON even though it has been reset, but the reminder should go OFF after the vehicle has been driven about 10 miles.

1994-99 VEHICLES

Vehicles equipped with an ENGINE OIL LIFE INDEX , the display located on the Driver Information Center (DIC). The PCM determines approximately when the engine oil should be changed by calculating information based on vehicle speed, coolant temperature and engine RPM. Once the PCM determines it is time to change the engine oil, it will illuminate the CHANGE OIL SOON light on the DIC. This indicates the remaining oil life is below 10% (not to be confused with oil level). On a new vehicle or one that has been reset, the oil life is 100%. This percentage will slowly decrease based on the inputs the PCM receives. When oil life reaches the 0% mark, the PCM will illuminate the CHANGE OIL NOW light on the DIC. At this time, both messages will be displayed accompanied by a slow 5 second audible chime. The reset button must be pressed to acknowledge each of these messages. If a steady CHANGE OIL SOON light persists, this indicates a diagnostic trouble code has been set, specifying a possible shorted switch.

Remaining oil life percentage can be displayed by pressing the OIL button on the DIC and advancing through the messages until the oil life index is displayed. The oil life index will not detect abnormal conditions such as excessively dust or engine malfunctions that could otherwise affect the engine oil life.

After the engine oil has been changed, display the oil life index on the DIC, then hold the RESET button for at least 5 seconds. When a DIC message of RESET is displayed and the oil life index equals 100%, the reset is complete.

Buick LeSabre

After the engine oil has been changed, the Engine Oil Monitor must be reset. The reset button is located in the glove compartment. Reset as follows:

  1. With the ignition key in the RUN position, push the reset button, hold it in for at least 5 seconds but not more than 60 seconds.
  3. The CHANGE OIL SOON light will flash 4 times and then go off. This indicates that the Oil Life Monitor System has been reset.

1995-99 VEHICLES

For information on these vehicles, please refer to the procedure for 1994-99 Pontiac Bonnevilles.

Oldsmobile Delta 88